Super 8 Film

Super 8 Film

A trailer of you and your lover on Super 8 - SAY LESS 


oh you're looking for that old school, vintage type of love?

Super 8 is a really special and unique way to make movies! It takes you back in time and gives you that nostalgic feeling which cannot be replicated by a digital camera. Super 8 films have a grainy texture with warm and vibrant colors that create a vintage look which is difficult to achieve with modern equipment. 

What is Super 8?

did you know?

The Super 8 is the original home movie film camera that was primarily used in the 60’s and 70’s. 

why you'll love super 8:

Super 8 is a unique way to capture high quality, timeless, and authentic moments. You’ll be able to feel the essence and warmth of vintage film while watching a trailer of you and your lover. Tell me what sounds better?

why i love super 8:

I just love a good filmy vibe. There’s something so nostalgic about Super 8 films. The grain mixed with the unique formatting and it being a hand-held component makes it feel so retro.

Session Add-On

30-second love story trailer

let's do it!


Wedding Add-On

3-minute super8 weddings trailer


I need this!

The Process

Film cartridge inserted to camera 

capture your special moments 

Take out cartridge

Mail to Pro8mm

Pro8mm developes & scans your film 

Pro8mm sends digital and reel format of your film

KC edits and colors digital version 

music selection for your trailer 

deliver your vintage love story trailer

of super 8